Classic Conservatory

Following their immense popularity during the Victorian era, conservatories fell out of fashion during the first half of the 20th century. The classic conservatory is an expression of engineering know-how and aesthetic sensibilities that culminated during the Victorian era. In recent times there has been a renewed desire to reconnect with nature, a turn toward traditional style, in addition to a market offering more advanced materials and options than ever before which has spurred a contemporary revival of the classic conservatory.

Taking its cue from this graceful age, Oak Leaf is doing its part to preserve and advance the art of the classic conservatory through modern technology, aesthetic rigor and adherence to historic detail. Our classic designs are testament to both the past and the present.

Oak Leaf seeks to constantly evolve and refine our design of the classic conservatory, creating comfortable spaces that are refined, elegant, and timeless masterpieces. Our designs emphasize symmetry, appropriate scale and elegant proportion.

Unlike typical modular products that attempt to replicate the classic conservatory, an Oak Leaf structure is the real thing. Each custom-built conservatory begins as a conceptual sketch based on the existing architectural detail of the home or building that it will adjoin. Designers scrutinize the project site carefully with the intent in insure that the structure to harmonize completely with its surroundings so that it will not appear out of context or a mere “add on”. Oak Leaf designers take into account the intended use of the conservatory and the local climate and topography of the site where it will be erected. As a transitional room between the indoors and the outdoors a classic conservatory not only provides additional living space, but also a visual link to the garden.

A well-designed and executed conservatory can be any room you want it to be. Adding a conservatory to your home offers the perfect way to provide extra light-filled space for a kitchen extension, sitting room, living room, dining room, study, home office, etcetera.

Simply described, the classic conservatory features hardwood framing with glass panels for roof and sidewalls.

Mahogany is Oak Leaf’s choice of timber for your structure. The doors, window frames and sashes, columns, mouldings and roof structure are of premium grade, Mahogany. This premium grade, plantation harvested hardwood offers design flexibility, structural strength, density, stability, durability, finish, beauty, and provides a substantial feeling room. In keeping with Oak Leaf’s high standards, all Mahogany is supplied from a source that promotes and implements good forest management.

The choice of glass is given special consideration for the comfort of the interior environment and safety. Determining the proper glass can be complicated since the amount of light and heat introduced into the structure can greatly effect the level of comfort. The appropriate choice in glazing will mitigate heat and light levels to ensure a comfortable interior environment. Low e glass has an insulating effect along with the use of an inert gas (i.e. argon) within the cavity. Ranges of solar control options are available to reduce heat gain. Performance and aesthetics will be factors to consider and Oak Leaf will provide best advice and data to select the appropriate specification. Heating, cooling and ventilating should be tailored to the individual climate, orientation of the building and the presence or absence of nearby shade.

We hope these fine examples of the classic conservatory will inspire and delight. They exemplify the detailing we achieve with raised and fielded base panels, a variety of column styles with moulded plinths and capitals, window styles, and profiled mouldings, all mirrored on the interior. There are limitless possibilities for your bespoke conservatory.

Our goal is for your classic conservatory by Oak Leaf to benefit from the highest level of quality and craftsmanship and for your expectations to be exceeded with a superb product and high level of personal service. Your classic conservatory will have an enduring appeal, and be built to last with our knowledge, experience and true passion for building conservatories.