Custom Conservatory Designs

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A glazed structure by Oak Leaf Conservatories, whether a classic or contemporary conservatory, orangery, garden room, domed building, plant house or garden folly is more than the timber and glass components of which it is comprised. A glazed structure by Oak Leaf is a thoughtfully designed embodiment of a dream, a fine crafted building, and it is a lifestyle in and of itself and an ethereal experience like no other.

Each unique conservatory design and specification is developed to overcome challenging conditions, and embody your lifestyle ever mindful of functionality and fulfillment of your aspirations.

Conservatory Design Process

The very first step might very well find you here on this website or perusing our brochure for ideas and inspiration for your unique conservatory design. We encourage you to then contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your ideas and understand the entire process from initial design concept to completion of installation down to the last detail. The entire conservatory design process is dependent on communication and interaction with the customer and the designer.

During a meeting with you the designer will listen carefully so as to be in perfect sync with your needs and desires. Our designer will want to understand both your likes and dislikes, and share our collective best advice and experience with you and become thoroughly knowledgeable of the site and architecture.

The conservatory design typically begins as a conceptual design to compliment the home’s architecture with an estimate of cost. The concept design can be developed further to take into account your comments, reactions, opinions and budget.

Once the final conservatory design and quotation have been accepted and the dimensions are verified by our surveyor, comprehensive notes will be provided to outline ‘what happens next’, to include planning process, schedule of works, contacts etc.

The exact measurements will be shown on your highly detailed Working Drawings along with the full specification, which will be distributed for your (and your architect and builder’s) review and approval prior to manufacture. Structural engineering requirements based on calculations by an independent Engineer will be applied to the detailed drawings.

Manufacturing by our qualified craftsmen to the highest standards of joinery practice brings the conservatory design to life.

Site coordination will be overseen by an Oak Leaf project manager and erecting and glazing are undertaken by our highly skilled craftsmen.

Design Considerations

You will be provided with a notebook to read about some basic design guidelines for your individual conservatory design. This will cover all the features to consider from type of glazed structure to style of knee walls, quantity and style of doors and windows and many other conservatory design considerations.

The designer will encourage you to think about where you need space, why and for what purpose.

Conservatory designwith high design content may include base panels, columns of any style, detailed glazing design (e.g. multi-pane, designs with curved fenestration), incorporating clerestory windows, elaborate roofs with intersecting gables and additional lantern roofs, and curved glass and joinery mouldings.

However, a simplified conservatory designby Oak Leaf will provide an inherent level of detail per the sections and profiles used and will have no compromise for quality or materials.

The conservatory design must ultimately compliment the home’s architecture. Classic proportions, existing architectural features, mouldings and details are given particular attention with a goal of harmonising the conservatory with its surroundings.

Specification Considerations

Correct specification of glazing is crucial to the comfort of the interior environment. Glazing technology now allows you to determine levels of climate control within your new garden building. We will provide you with options that have desirable values for thermal and solar protection.

Other comfort control features to consider are ventilation for roof and side windows with manual or motorized operation, and insect screening. Desire for blinds or shades should be considered at the early stage so they can be seamlessly accommodated.

It is important to assess the need and type of system to use for interior climate control.

The conservatory design will also need to consider lighting type and placement, electrical wiring requirements for motorized roof vents or blinds, outlets, cables, controls and security systems.

In addition, the style, and finish for door and window hardware, and finally the paint and roof capping colour need to be taken into consideration. You may want to think about using a neutral roof capping colour so the exterior paint colour can be changed if desired when it is time for repainting.

Site Considerations

Choosing the site of your garden building should take into account privacy concerns, views, and sun exposure. Its relation to the garden and existing rooms and traffic flow should be carefully thought through. It is also important to consider access for maintenance.

Oak Leaf’s goal is to provide the best counsel to methodically and effortlessly maneuver through the myriad of decisions resulting in a seamless process. Our Oak Leaf design experts are at your service and look forward to the opportunity to design your very own conservatory.