Conservatory Manufacturers

As conservatory manufacturers, we have built a worldwide reputation for designing and building exceptional English conservatories. Our service begins with your ideas for design, and is carried through to the final step of construction. In addition to being conservatory manufacturers, we are also able to design and build your new garden room or orangery.

When considering your conservatory design, please keep in mind the distinct difference between the conservatory and the traditionally American idea of the “sun room”. Sunrooms are typically small, functional rooms added to a home or built on a deck or cement patio slab that was already in place. They are normally not well-insulated, and so may not be usable in the winter months. Some conservatory manufacturers refer to these as “patio rooms”. Those are not what we design and build.

We are true conservatory manufacturers. Our conservatories are custom built, and take into consideration several factors:

· The client’s design preferences

· The intended use of the conservatory

· The architectural design of the existing home

· Local building codes

· The client’s budget

As each conservatory is unique unto itself, so do conservatory manufacturers vary greatly in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Our ultimate goal is for you to look at your new conservatory as not only a beautiful addition to your estate home, but also as a fine work of art.

The journey begins with an initial consultation. Here are some of the questions we will be asking:

· Have any designs been drawn up by you or an architect, or will you need our assistance?

· What is the intended use of the conservatory?

· How soon do you wish to begin on-site work, and when would you like to see it completed?

· What is the approximate budget for this project?

· Do you have any color themes in mind?

· Will the conservatory primarily face north, south, east or west?

There may be other questions that come up as part of our discussion, but these are the fundamentals. Most conservatory manufacturers will want to know this basic information in order to provide a quote.

The design of your conservatory is limited only by your imagination. You may find it helpful to look at some of our previous projects for inspiration; several examples are here on our website. One important aspect to consider is the style of windows to be used. In most cases, the windows essentially make up most of the perimeter of the conservatory, so it is critical to choose those that look and function the way you wish.
Here are some of the considerations:

•Will the windows be fixed in place, or will they be able to move? Or perhaps you will have a combination of these. Stationary windows will lower the overall cost, but you may want the option of opening windows on a warm spring day in order to enjoy the cross breeze.
•Different types and styles of glazing can be used, serving two purposes: blocking the UV rays from the sun, and also functioning as insulation. You will appreciate that on a cold, sunny morning in January when you are comfortably taking breakfast in the conservatory.
•As an added luxury, the windows can be motorized. We try to employ all technology available to maximize your comfort level. Ask us about this option.

There are building contractors that call themselves conservatory manufacturers. We encourage you to avoid compromising on this important addition to your home. Designing and building conservatories is all we do, and we have the skill, experience and professionalism to turn your dream into a reality. We look forward to working with you.

We are conservatory manufacturers throughout the US and worldwide.

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